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Shot blasting is a pre-treatment during which an object is blasted with an abrasive. This process roughens the steel in order to enable good adhesion for the next treatment and at the same time rust and mill scale are removed from the product. After the shot blasting, treatment of the surface can start immediately.

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Zinc phosphating is an outstanding corrosion resistant pre-treatment on steel. Zinc phosphating is used as a pretreatment on a steel base and carried out for 2 reasons: better corrosion resistance and creating better adhesion for the subsequent coating.

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Shot peening is the ideal pretreatment and after-treatment for non-ferrous materials such as RVS. If RVS materials are shot blasted after the process, pollution, bezels and the oxide layer are removed and what remains is a perfectly smooth and even surface.

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Powder-coating is an electrostatic painting process during which compressed air is used to spray negatively charged powder on a positively charged object. This enables the powder to temporarily stick to the object after which it is melted and merged in an oven. After this treatment, the product is scratch resistant and moisture resistant.

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Metal spraying, also called metallisation or flame-galvanising is the application of zinc-aluminium on steel. The zinc coating offers a special barrier again corrosion. In particular, products which are exposed to weather conditions are well protected when they are metal sprayed. Metal spraying is an intermediate treatment, objects are first shot blasted and can be further processed after metal spraying.

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In addition to powder-coating it is possible to spray an object in any desired RAL-colour. Also this method protects the material against minor damages and weather conditions.

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Wilt u de uitstraling van onbehandeld staal behouden, maar uw producten wel voorzien van een beschermende coating? Bij ons is het mogelijk uw producten in een blanke lak te laten coaten. Deze wenteltrap hebben we voor onze klant met een...

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